Water damage restoration Nashville TN

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Water damage can wreak havoc on your property whether it happens suddenly or slowly. Slow undetectable water exposure causes damage to your property and leads to mold growth affecting air quality and posing health risks. It can therefore be very dangerous. Regardless of the way water damage happens, when it does, professional water damage restoration Nashville TN becomes a necessity.

Professional water damage restoration in Nashville ensures your property is restored to pre-damaged conditions and the source of the water damage is fixed. Attempting to do water damage restoration on your own may lead to more damage. It can also cause exposure to mold putting your health at risk. Using professionals also allows you to take advantage of your property insurance policy if it covers water damage.

How water causes structural damage to property

Is water really all that dangerous or is it just a marketing gimmick? This could be a question lingering on your mind right now if you need water damage restoration services. Water damage is quite deceptive which makes it quite costly to repair if prompt action is not taken. Having a few inches of water lying on your house may not seem like a big issue until later when the problems start showing.

When water creeps and seeps into wood it can cause warping and discoloration. Eventually, it can make the wood split due to the high moisture content. Water causes discoloration on walls and ceilings which can be quite unsightly. High moisture content also causes paint to peel and crack.

It is the effects of water on wood and other building materials that cause structural damage to your property. If water damage is left unattended to for long, it will eventually weaken the foundation of the house or building. It is essential therefore that water damage be responded to promptly and restoration done correctly to ensure the integrity of the structure.

Common causes of water damage in Nashville

Water damage can happen to anyone at any time. This is because of the blatant exposure we have to water in our properties. We need water and we rely on it for many purposes in our homes. With all its life giving properties, water can also be quite destructive. Here are some of the common causes of water damage in Nashville, TN;

Severe weather – hurricanes, thunderstorms and torrential downpours do not happen every day, but when they do they pose a big risk of water damage to your property. Strong winds and heavy downpours can damage your roof and cause water intrusion. Cracks and other small openings on the building envelope also allow water to enter the property. Severe downpours can cause flash flooding on your property and extensive water damage.

Leaking roofs – the intensely hot summers and extremely cold winters in Nashville can cause deterioration of roofing materials. Leaks in the roof allow rain water to find its way into your property causing damage to ceilings, walls and property.

Plumbing failures – leaking pipes, burst pipes, faulty water heaters, and other common plumbing failures are common causes of water damage in Nashville. Plumbing problems are even more common in old homes and buildings. A leaking pipe behind a wall can cause damage of the whole wall and mold growth necessitating replacement of the wall. A leaking tap can cause damage to kitchen cabinets and so much more.

Poor drainage – inadequate drainage systems can cause water to pool around a property especially when it is raining. Water pooling outside the property increases the risk of water seeping into the basements and crawl spaces.

Appliance leaks and bursts – appliances like washing machines, dish washers and water heaters can cause a lot of damage when they leak or even burst.

Hiring a pro for water damage restoration

The best decision you can make after noticing signs of water damage is to call professionals to help you fix the problems and restore the property. The extent of the damage might be more significant than it appears as water damage easily hides behind walls, boards, tiles and other out of sight areas. It is best to call in a reputable water damage restoration company in Nashville to take care of the problems.

The professionals start by assessing the level of damage and amount of work needed to restore your home to pristine conditions. The work involved in the restoration process is plenty and demanding. It involves fixing the source of the water, extracting any standing water, cleaning, drying and replacing damaged surfaces.

The water damaged items are also taken care of by the professionals. Inventory is clearly taken of all the damaged items and those that are not salvageable are disposed of. Those that can be salvaged are restored and replaced back into the property.

Depending on the level of damage, water damage restoration can take anywhere from just one day to weeks. For instance, completely drying out a flood damaged property can take many days to even weeks.

If you are considering hiring a water damage restoration service in Nashville TN check to see that the company is licensed and insured. This will protect you in case of a liability. Ensure also that the company is reputable and has handled many projects like yours before. You can read online reviews and find information on reliable online sources.

If you have insurance, ask if the company you are hiring works with insurance companies. Top reputable companies in Nashville do work with insurance and they even help you with the claims process. They document the damage and take inventory of all damaged items to make it easier for you when attaching evidence for the claim.

We have simplified the process of hiring water damage restoration Nashville TN services for you. We have already vetted high ranking and reputable companies and approved those that meet our demanding criteria. All of this is done to ease your burden and save you precious time when choosing a water damage restoration service. Don’t waste any more time or make mistakes when hiring. Consider using our already vetted top companies near you.